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 Requested:Can you please do one where you met Andy at a concert and while you guys are hanging out you tell him you were molested when you were younger and he comforts you? 

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Anonymous Requested: You meet Andy at a meet&greet. But when you see him: your body shakes, you start crying and totally break down. Andy sees that & is worried about you. The Security wants to help you but Andy already jumps up from his chair and runs through the Security to help you.

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Smutty and Hot Sex

Lose Your Virtue

Office Sex

Be Dominated

Angry Sex

Proposal, Anniversaries, and Sex

Only A Joke

Heat Up

Naughty Girl

Naughty Schoolgirl

Step Cousin

First Time

Movie Night

I Called Her On The Phone And She Touched Herself


Hot Showers

Just Desserts

Cheater, Cheater


You’ll Always Be My Love {Christofer Drew and Andy Biersack} Part 1

You’ll Always Be My Love {Christofer Drew and Andy Biersack} Part 2

Boy Troubles {Christofer Drew and Andy Biersack}

Cocaine and Sex {Personalized Story ft. a Fan}

Don’t Get Cocky, You Little Shit! {Personalized Story ft. a Fan/personal friend}

Other Stories:

Anxiety/Panic Attack Related

Get A Black Eye


A Romantic Date and Anniversary

Rebel Sneak Out


Night Date

Midnight Delivery


Almost Victim

Meet the Parents

You Need A Spanking

Possible Family Man

Father Figure

Lovey Dovey

It’s Not Time For A Break

Time of the Month


Dumb Pop Star


Assigned Partners

Don’t Hide From The World

We Can Wait

Jealous Type

Creature of the Night

Take Your Hatred Out On Me

I Love You Too Much To See You Crumble

New Years Resolution

Chubby Chaser??

Bye-Bye Dragonfly

Party On



None Requested Stories/Author Written:

Andy read Andley fanfics

A Spooky Fright Night

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Follow imaginesandybvb Please!!!

Special Shoutout to imaginesandybvb!! They’ll be making imagines soon and I recommend you check them out!!


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Anonymous said:

do you write fanfiction? If you don't, would you write one?


I do, I run andybiersack-imagines

but I would love to write anything MSI/LynZ related, if that’s what you’re aiming for. :)

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bvbcreature666 Requested: I thought it would be interesting to do one where, you and Andy are friends (even though you both want to be more than, but can’t because of your abusive boyfriend). Andys trying to get you to break up with your boyfriend, then the boyfriend shows up, and gets super pissed because Andys over, ect. Andy gets all defense.

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Anonymous Requested: Could you write one about you’ve been going out with Andy for a short time and you want to tell him you’re bisexual before it goes further, but you’re really nervous about his reaction?

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Anonymous Requested: Could you do one where you’ve been dating Andy and he picked you for a new BVB video with the last video girls for them and stops people from hating on you online (since he picked you only cause you were dating) might only sound interesting in my head 3:

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A Word With The Writer;

Two new stories will be posted tomorrow, but for now It’s time for me to take a rest. I may be doing more writing tomorrow, depends on how early I decide to do homework. Hope you enjoy the stories!!


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Anonymous said:

Can you write one where the reader is mute, deaf or blind??

I actually did a story/fanfic like that already! I’m still proud of it! :)

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