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joshfrancsassypants Requested: One where Andy is a dominant with mild to heavy kink.

{Writer’s Warning!: This story will contain Smut.}

 ”Are the handcuffs necessary, dear,” you asked, as Andy finished clipping the last handcuff it the bedpost. “Of course they are, sweetheart.” You rolled your eyes playfully and huffed. “I honestly can’t believe you talked me into this..” You yanked on the chain and watched as Andy prepared himself.

 ”Alright. The safety word is uncle. I’ll give you complete pleasure, but you must not say a single word or a sound.” He spoke as he hovered over you on the bed. “Not even a moan?” You looked confused. “Not a single peep should leave your mouth. If I hear even a sigh, you’ll have to be punished… Starting.. NOW!”

 ”But Wait Wh-,” you began, but he cut you off by giving you a hard slap against your thigh. You bit your lip to keep from getting hurt more. “Did that hurt?” Andy raised an eyebrow. You nodded slowly. “Good. It’ll get worse if you keep at it.” He smirked and continued to remove your panties.

 He went straight for it and ran his tongue between the lips between your hips. You arched your back and restrained yourself from moaning. His tongue played along with your clit, as he slid his slender fingers inside your folds.

 You bit your lip as hard as you could. It was a lot harder than you expected. You accidentally let a very soft moan escape your lips. You had hoped Andy didn’t catch it, but sadly he did. He stopped what he was doing and bit down on your inner thigh. You kept silent after that.

 He removed his boxers to reveal his erection. He brought your hips close to his and slid his member in. You bit down on your lower lip hard enough to taste a blood. To replace the moans and screams you desperately want to make, you started to breathe heavily. It worked wonders for a while as Andy went at it.

 ”Almost there…” He growled, thrusting harder and deeper. His hands gripped tightly against your hips. “Ah, fuck..” You yelled. You couldn’t take it anymore. “Uncle! Fuckin’ Uncle!” Andy didn’t pay much attention to your sounds much after that. With both of you at your climaxes, you both managed to scream each others name in pleasure.

"I’m so glad I let you talk me into it," you admitted, collapsing on the bed. Andy undid the handcuffs and set your hands free. "We should do this more. Say, tomorrow?" Andy chuckled, laying beside you. "Sure.. But it’ll be my turn this time. I’ll get my revenge. I give no mercy.." You laughed evilly. Andy’s eyes widened and pretended to be asleep.

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