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Anonymous Requested: Can you do one where you’re 9 months pregnant and wake up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and your water breaks so you yell for Andy and you guys go to the hospital where you give birth to a beautiful baby boy.

 Tossing and turning, pulling on the blankets, turning the pillow to the cold side; everything you did never seemed to work. You managed to sit up on the bed, and stand up on your aching feet. Being 9 months pregnant wasn’t at all what you thought. You always remembered how glamorized it seemed in movies and shows. Even though it wasn’t always that way, you still remembered horror stories you’ve heard about woman having kids and almost dying, horrible and unbarring pain, and anything worse that came with it. You tried not to think about that kind of stuff, especially so late in the pregnancy.

 You glanced over at Andy, who was soundly asleep. He always looked so cute when he slept. You secretly wished your child would be like him in every single way possible. You headed over to the kitchen and grabbed and glass from the cabinet and filled it with water. After a first sip, you felt pain down your stomach. You groaned quietly, holding your stomach. You closed your eyes and let the pain flow out. You continued to sip the water, until a river of sharp pain ran through you. You gripped the edge the counter, trying to let the pain pass. As the pain grew rougher, you accidentally dropped and break the glass of water. You looked down, but to your surprise, there was more water than what was in the glass. Cold air swiped up, making you notice that water covered most of your pajama bottoms. You hunched over in pain, the pain no longer tolerable. “(Y/N), is that you?” Andy called from the bedroom. “Did you break a glass?” You can tell he was still sleepy by the tone of his voice. “HELP!” You yelled out, holding your stomach.

 Andy hurried over, looking wide awake as if he had seven cups of coffee. “What’s wrong? Why is there water everywh-… Oh, shit! We gotta get you to the hospital!” He helped you into the car and drove like there was no tomorrow. Once there, they placed you onto a wheelchair and rolled you into a room. You squeezed onto Andy’s hand as much as you could, as the nurses rolled you into an empty room. You were at least thankful for Andy not leaving your side, not even once. Contractions got worse and worse and as the settled you onto the bed, the doctor rushed in to make sure everything was going okay.

 ”Looks like you’re crowning, dear,” The doctor said, slipping on his gloves. “Just get this shit out already!” You yelled, throwing your head back and groaning wildly. “You must be the father of the baby.” The doctor smiled, glancing to Andy. Andy nodded, trying not to think too much about how much in pain he was due to your strength in your hand. “Push!” They doctor called out. You did what he said for about 15 minutes. Before you knew it, you could hear a cry that you’d hear for the rest of your life. “It’s a boy!” You stared blankly as the doctor wrapped up your crying baby. You grinned from ear to ear, looking over to Andy, who seemed like he was ready to faint at any moment. “It’s a baby boy, Andy!” You giggled lightly. Andy chuckled softly, wiping the few tears that streamed from your face. He kissed you tenderly, then spoke. “That’s our beautiful baby boy.”

 A few minutes later, the nurse came in with your baby. “Are you guys awake?” She asked, gently rocking the towel wrapped baby. You both sat up and smiled. “I just came to show you your healthy little one!” The lady placed him in your arms and smiled. “Say hello to your beautiful little boy,” the nurse spoke softly. Andy stood closely beside you, not taking his eyes off the baby. “What are you guys going to name him,” the nurse asked, watching you both care for the baby. “We both agreed on Alexander (Name can be changed),” You said, stroking the baby’s cheek gently. “Yeah, we’re naming him after a distant cousin of mine,” Andy explained. “Oh, well that’s sounds like a perfect name for him. Congrats!” After that conversation, the nurse left for you three to be alone.

 ”He has your eyes, Andy.” You giggled, as the baby stared up at you and smiled for a bit. “He has your smile.” You looked up and Andy and smiled widely at him. You pecked his lips and gently rocked Alex. “How did we managed to create this perfect human being?” He asked, stroking the back of Alex’s hand. “With enough love, anything is possible.” Andy looked at you and grinned. He kissed your forehead. “Thank you for helping me deliver this beautiful boy,” you spoke in a soft tone. “Thank you for helping me make this beautiful boy. I love you.” Andy kissed your cheek for the fast time, before heading off to sleep.

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