Andy Biersack Imagines

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{Writer’s Warning!: This Story Contains Smut}

“Oh Andy, this is our sister, we adopted her two years ago”
“Hey, you must be (name)” the tall handsome man smiles at you shaking your hand. You shake it nervously.
“You must be my step cousin” you blush quietly.
“Yeah, I’m Andy”
Your step brother Joe scratches his head and glares at him watch.
“Ah, shit! I’m gonna be late to pick up Mom and Dad!” He says. “Gotta go! I’ll be twenty minutes, Andy stay here with (name). Try not to flirt with her”
“I can’t promise anything” he smirks
He takes a seat on the sofa next to you and turns on the TV.
“So what do you wanna watch..?” He asks, staring at you, wearing a sneaky little half-grin on his face.
“U-uh…I don’t mind, just not MTV”
He chuckles smugly at this and puts his feet up onto the table.
“So, where do you live?”
“I live down in California actually” he said, his low voice croaking slightly.
“So, did Joe show you round?”
“Yeah actually- he showed me your room, I like your posters”
“You’re into 80’s punk rock?”
“Yeah, I am. But- I never saw what colour your sheets were” he said, sort of half smiling, his eyes laced with a sort of lust.
“Did you wanna go find out..?” I ask cheekily
He looks around and puffs in thought.
“Yeah, why not? Let’s go”
You get up and walk to your bedroom, Andy closes the door behind you, and playfully pushes you into the bed, making you giggle. He hovers over you, grinning at you, and
presses his lips into yours. He slipped his tongue into your mouth, begging for entrance, but you decline a few times, causing him to growl a little into this kiss, but finally, you let him in. You feel him rubbing his hands around under your skirt, and plays with the hem of your panties. He sits you up right, still not breaking the kiss, unzips your skirt and throws it on your floor. You moan a little as he slips his fingers inside your throbbing entrance. He removes your now soaking panties with his pretty little hands and throws them on the floor. You begin to unbutton his shirt, but before removing it completely, you feel around his torso with your hands and moan. When his shirt is on, he swiftly removes his pants and then reaches for your shirt, ripping it off over your head and chucking it on the floor. He quickly unclips your bra, and pulls it over your arms and gets rid of it too. He begins leaving a trail of kisses down your neck, to your collar bones, and then begins kissing your nipple, making you moan as he playfully closes his teeth around it, turning them both to pecks, his fingers still violently thrusting in and out of you. You moan and pant, and play with the hem of his boxer shorts, slowly removing them. He kicks them off his feet and presses your legs towards your shoulders, forcing your flexibility, making you moan louder. But before he shoves his member into you, he licks your folds in attempt to clean you, making you moan.
“Oh Andy….”
You begin to buck your hips in pleasure while he continues to lick your clit.
“Oh Andy…..oh….s-stop t-teasing….oh Andy!” You scream while his hands grip your hips tighter. He comes up and licks his lips, and before he kisses you again, he says;
“That’s right baby, scream my name” he whispers seductively.
He then places himself at your entrance and slowly pushes it in, making you scream.
“Wait, how old are you?” He manages while pelting in and out of you, your hips jolting and slapping each other.
“Probably why you’re so tight” he gasps
And proceeds to kiss you while he is still very much inside of you, driving you mad. Your walls tighten around him, causing him to grunt.
“Fuck, (name), I’m so close…” He informs you
“M-me too…oh Andy…I think I-I’m gonna c-cum” you gasp
And then you feel him spilling into you, while your release your juices and you allow an orgasm to tear through you causing you to scream louder than you have in ages. He makes adorable boy groans as he cums violently.
He pulls out of you and collapses on top of you.
“That was amazing, Andy. When are you visiting again?” You gasp breathlessly
“I’m here all weekend sweetheart” he smiles, and gets on top of you, and begins to pull his clothes back on, and you do the same.
“We’re back!” You hear Joe shout.
“Oh shit!” You whisper, and you both pull your clothes on and run back into the living room.
Andy rushes in with you, pulling his shirt on and wiping the lipstick off his face.
“Oh hey Joe. Auntie Angela, Uncle, Brian” he says
“Andy, I told you not to flirt with her, I knew this would happen”
You can’t help but giggle, and you you glare at Andy, he glares back and tries to hide his smile.

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