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Smutty and Hot Sex

Lose Your Virtue

Office Sex

Be Dominated

Angry Sex

Proposal, Anniversaries, and Sex

Only A Joke

Heat Up

Naughty Girl

Naughty Schoolgirl

Step Cousin

First Time

Movie Night

I Called Her On The Phone And She Touched Herself


Hot Showers

Just Desserts

Cheater, Cheater


You’ll Always Be My Love {Christofer Drew and Andy Biersack} Part 1

You’ll Always Be My Love {Christofer Drew and Andy Biersack} Part 2

Boy Troubles {Christofer Drew and Andy Biersack}

Cocaine and Sex {Personalized Story ft. a Fan}

Don’t Get Cocky, You Little Shit! {Personalized Story ft. a Fan/personal friend}

Other Stories:

Anxiety/Panic Attack Related

Get A Black Eye


A Romantic Date and Anniversary

Rebel Sneak Out


Night Date

Midnight Delivery


Almost Victim

Meet the Parents

You Need A Spanking

Possible Family Man

Father Figure

Lovey Dovey

It’s Not Time For A Break

Time of the Month


Dumb Pop Star


Assigned Partners

Don’t Hide From The World

We Can Wait

Jealous Type

Creature of the Night

Take Your Hatred Out On Me

I Love You Too Much To See You Crumble

New Years Resolution

Chubby Chaser??

Bye-Bye Dragonfly

Party On



Family as One

None Requested Stories/Author Written:

Andy read Andley fanfics

A Spooky Fright Night